• Commercial/Advertising Art - CIP 50.0402- Task Grid
    • Identify career paths within the vocational profession.
    • List occupational requirements.
    • Demonstrate research, employability, and organizational skills.
    • Identify how copyright laws apply to visual and digital communication.
    • Safely operate media presentation equipment.
    • Demonstrate safe practices when using computer hardware and software.
    • Demonstrate safe practices when using and maintaining hand tools.
    • Demonstrate safe practices when using, storing, and disposing of paints, solvents, and chemicals.
    • Demonstrate safe cutting procedures.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of hazard communication law/environmental protection to include SDS.
    Drawing and Illustration:
    • Design objects using linear perspective.
    • Design basic geometric and organic forms showing texture and tone.
    • Create line art.
    • Apply anatomy concepts in drawing.
    • Design from direct observation.
    • Produce color illustrations using various media.
    • Create value with the use of layering.
    Color Theory And Application:
    • Apply the basic structure of color (hue, intensity, saturation) to generate color solutions.
    • Apply appropriate color schemes to generate design solutions.
    • Identify and apply additive and subtractive color.
    Digital Imaging:
    • Demonstrate image scanning procedures.
    • Identify the properties of vector and raster images.
    • Demonstrate basic use of page layout software.
    • Demonstrate intermediate use of page layout software.
    • Demonstrate basic use of a vector-based drawing program.
    • Demonstrate intermediate use of a vector-based drawing program.
    • Demonstrate basic use of image editing software.
    • Demonstrate intermediate use of image editing software.
    • Demonstrate use of input, output, and storage devices.
    • Demonstrate appropriate use of different file formats.
    • Organize and manage digital files.
    • Demonstrate basic use of web page design software.
    Design, Layout, and Production:
    • Research the history of advertising design.
    • Apply elements and principles of design.
    • Write a creative brief.
    • Produce thumbnails, roughs, and comprehensive.
    • Design a logo.
    • Create a design for a package.
    • Demonstrate basic knowledge of printing processes.
    • Design promotional materials.
    • Prepare files for output.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of color separations.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of printer marks and measurements.
    • Identify the anatomy and classification of type.
    • Identify typographic styles.
    • Manipulate type through character and paragraph formatting.
    • Choose and apply the appropriate typeface.
    Digital Photography:
    • Operate digital camera and accessories.
    • Compose a photograph through the lens.
    • Demonstrate use of lighting.
    • Demonstrate ability to physically stabilize the camera.
    • Demonstrate how to download and manipulate digital images.
    Professional Practices:
    • Prepare and present a portfolio.
    • Deliver an oral presentation.
    • Estimate time and materials for a project.
    • Demonstrate matting and mounting a work of art.
    • Participate in critiques of commercial art projects.
    • Research current industry practices.