Offered for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, the Cosmetology Program is designed to prepare students for the states' professional licensing examination for Cosmetologists, and entry-level employment in the beauty profession. In this program, students are provided the opportunity to earn 1250 hours of state required instruction and develop skills in all aspects of Cosmetology including: sculpting, styling, perming, hair color, skin care, chemical hair straightening, nails, and most importantly, people skills. It is necessary for students to keep their work area and equipment organized and well maintained. Students should also possess a sense of form, artistry, and creativity. Hands on experience is obtained several days a week in The Salon. Upon completion of 900 hours, students are eligible and encouraged to take the state board licensure exam. Students who pass the state board exam and successfully complete 1250 hours will qualify for PA state licensure. 

    To achieve success in the field of Cosmetology, you must be hardworking, reliable, and flexible. You need to possess strong communication skills that will enable you to provide superior customer service. Time management is also essential in this service based industry. Additionally, since the beauty industry is constantly changing, a desire to learn and continued education is an absolute (beautyschools.com).
    Good health and stamina are important attributes for cosmetologists since a great deal of time is spent standing. Comfortable shoes and good posture may assist to alleviate physical stress. Due to daily exposure to chemicals, there is always the possibility that skin irritation causing discomfort to hands and arms can occur.  Minor injuries can occur with this trade, such as cuts from implements and burns. Education on correct uses of equipment and tools , as well as safety, will reduce the risks of work related injuries or aggravations (jobmonkey.com).
    Cosmetology related employment is in a clean and productive working environment. Proper ventilation controls chemical fumes. The industry requires the employees to use their own abilities, make their own decisions and work towards advancements. In the industry, persons may work full-time or part-time, days, nights and weekends. Entry-level positions earn an hourly wage and with more experience, compensation is based on a commission.

    Professionals in this field are compensated in a variety of ways including salary, commission, hourly and tips. Income is unlimited based upon building a clientele and developing a customer base.

    Employment in the Cosmetology field is expected to increase by 19% over a time period of ten years from 2020 to 2030 (bls.gov). Employment opportunities are vast due to reports of difficulties finding qualified professionals. Additionally, there is a rapid increase in Day Spas and Full Service salons offering employment. The Cosmetology program insures current instruction on the latest trends and equipment.

    Upon successful completion of the Cosmetology program there will be opportunities to advance in education and training. As a licensed professional, there will be access to State and National Trend Shows and employers will offer in-salon education. Additionally, professional beauty product companies offer product certification when training courses are completed. If a student does not complete the Cosmetology program, agreements with local Cosmetology Schools are offered. This will allow students to enroll at the school and transfer hours already earned. Students interested in furthering their education in the Cosmetology field may choose to attend a post-secondary school, or return to WMCTC to earn a Cosmetology teaching license.