Offered for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, the Sports Medicine Program is be designed to prepare students for a number of technical fields related to Kinesiology.  

    • Instruction includes theory and applications related to Athletic training, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, exercise physiology, pathophysiology, injury recognition, injury management, rehabilitation, restorative care, physical therapy, strength training and high-intensity training, weight management, nutrition, resistance training, exercise programming, mental health and wellness.

    • Students will learn essential skills directly related to the Athletic Training and Physical Therapy career paths.

    • Students will learn to design safe and effective exercise prescriptions, conduct individual exercise programs, and fitness testing.  

    • Students will be prepared for employment in a wide variety of settings that include but are not limited to, athletic teams, hospitals, corporate wellness programs, strength and conditioning, clinical rehabilitation programs, and fitness clubs.  In addition, the program serves as a strong foundation for students wishing to pursue advanced degrees in the field of exercise science or enter professional disciplines such as physical or occupational therapy.

      Click HERE to see the Sports Medicine Task List to see all of the current tasks that students will be learning within their curriculum.

    • American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR & AED
    • American Red Cross First Aid
    • Personal Training Certification (ACSM)
    • Emergency Medical Responder (Time Permitting) 
    Students will get an experience that will allow them the ability to immediately enter the workforce or pursue their degree at a post-secondary college or university. The graphic below demonstrates just a small offering of the possibilities stemming from the new Sports Medicine Program. 
    Career Pathways