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     health careers academy

                       Welcome to PLTW Biomedical Sciences!

    WMCTC is proud to announce the implementation of Project Lead The Way: 
    Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems & Medical Interventions!


    PLTW Biomedical Science
    "It was a hot summer morning, 92°F. An emergency call came in at 9:45 a.m. A man contacted the police to report that he was worried about his next-door neighbor, a woman named Anna. He said he had spoken to Anna the previous morning when he saw her walking her dog around 6:30 a.m. He decided to call the police this morning because Anna’s dog had been barking excitedly for the last two hours. He tried to call Anna on the telephone, but no one answered. Both the police and an EMT arrived at the scene at 9:56 a.m. The EMT determined that Anna was dead. The police immediately notified your team of crime scene investigators as well as the medical examiner, both of which were dispatched to the house. Has a crime been committed? "
       "This is an excerpt from the case presented to students in the first course of the PLTW Biomedical Science program, Principles of Biomedical Science. From the moment students walk into the classroom, they are immersed in the mysterious death of Anna and asked to investigate, document, and analyze evidence to solve the case. Case-based scenarios like this one span all PLTW Biomedical Science courses. Students explore a range of careers in biomedical sciences as they learn content in the context of real-world, hands-on activities, projects, and problems."https://www.pltw.org/about-pltw


                                        Welcome to Introduction to Medical Careers!



    Course Description:

    Introduction to Health Care Careers is designed to familiarize students with the various careers in the medical professions. Students will learn skills necessary for their healthcare career pathway including; working with others, communication skills, legal and ethical responsibilities, cultural considerations in the healthcare industry, problem solving, decision making, accepting personal responsibility and self-management. Students will rotate through three different areas, Health Science Technology, Dental Occupations, and Sports Medicine.