Mr. Evan Ducko
    Electrical Occupations Instructor
    77 Graterford Rd.
    Limerick, PA 19468
    610-489-7272 X 127


    Course Description

    The Electrical Occupations program at Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center has been designed to provide students with entry level skills and knowledge to enter the workforce or pursue further education in the electrical field.  Hands-on and theory lessons will cover the National Electric Code, residential wiring techniques, industrial wiring techniques, commercial wiring techniques, electrical drawings, and more.  

    Course Objectives

    The objective of Electrical Occupations is to provide students with the appropriate industry training that will prepare them to directly enter the workforce or to pursue further education upon completion of the program.  Mr. Ducko’s goal is to provide the students of Electrical Occupations with the skills that employers are searching for so Level 3 students are able to participate in the Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center Co-op program.

    Course Content

    Course content is based on the State of Pennsylvania's Department Of Education's Task List under the CIP Code. 46.0399 Electrical and Power Transmission Installers, Other  

    Please reference the link provided for more information.  


    100 Basic Safety

    200 Hand Tools

    300 Power Tools

    400 Blueprint Reading

    500 Anchors and Supports

    600 Residential Cabling Technology

    700 Switches and Receptacle Circuits

    800 Fixtures

    900 Raceways

    1000 Wired Devices

    1100 Testing Equipment

    1200 Electrical Service

    1300 National Electrical Code

    1400 Green Technology


    Grading Breakdown:

    Attitude 20%

    Knowledge 30%

    Skills   50%

    Grading Scale:

    A 93%-100%

    B 85%-92%

    C 77%-84%

    D 70%-76%

    F 00%-70%


    Dress Code for Electrical Occupations:  

    Dressing appropriately is not only required by the school, but it is necessary to ensure all students working in the shop will be safe.  The uniform for Electrical Occupations includes a red shop shirt that needs to be ordered through Mr. Ducko, tan work pants(khaki pants, tan dickies, or other tan work pants will be allowed) work boots (composite toe boots are recommended but not required, boots with exposed steel toes are not permitted).  Safety glasses will be provided by the school, but you may purchase a pair at your preference as long as they are ANSI Z87 Rated.

    Any student who is not properly dressed will not be permitted in the area shop due to the safety risk they pose to themselves and/or other students, which will adversely effect the weekly grade.  Students will also not be able to work on outside jobs without the proper uniform.


    Students will need (1) 2” 3-Ring binder with 1 set of dividers to retain materials distributed in class.  There will also be note taking:  Students may choose to use college-ruled lined paper or a notebook.  Students are also responsible for having pens and pencils at all times.  Mr. Ducko will have Vera Bradley™ pencils available to rent for the class period for $1.00, and your dollar will be returned upon return of the pencil.  

    Please see Mr. Ducko privately if you have trouble attaining any of these supplies.

    Tools and Equipment:

    Tools will be provided by Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center.  It is highly recommended that students purchase their own tool belt.  Students are required to use the set of tools that are assigned to them and only for their intended purpose.  Any misuse and/or vandalism of the tools or shop equipment will result in disciplinary action.

    Educational References:

    Residential Construction Academy:  House Wiring 3rd Edition

    National Electric Code   

    Practical Problems in Mathematics for Electricians

    Residential Construction Academy: Principles of Electricity

    Along with other reference books

    Course Expectations

    Classroom Participation

    Classroom participation is essential for students to get the most out of the Electrical Occupations program at Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center.  It is encouraged that students ask questions as appropriate and participate in classroom discussions.  Mr. Ducko is passionate about teaching Electrical Occupations, and is here to help.  There is no such thing as a stupid question!!!  A weekly attitude grade will be issued to each student based on their participation in the day’s activities, attendance, and behavior in class.


    It is important to the success of the student and the class that there are no behavioral distractions during class time, or at any time that students are at Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center.  Students are expected to behave responsibly, just as they would in a job setting.  Examples of negative behavior may include, but is not limited to, violence, using tools in a manner that may pose a threat to another student or themselves, foul language, etc.  Negative behavior will not be tolerated and any students who may be a threat to themselves or any other students will be directed to the appropriate resource as soon as possible.  In order to work in the shop students must adhere to all rules and regulations.  

    Classroom Attendance

    Attending school is the number one factor that will ensure that students are on the right track to being successful in their future - you cannot learn if you are not in school! Students are responsible for attaining an absent note from their parent(s) and/or guardian within 3 days of their absence.  At that time, the appropriate personnel will determine if the absence is excused or unexcused.  

    A PDF file for absent notes or advance absent notes may be found on the Attendance Office’s website:  https://www.westerncenter.org//site/default.aspx?PageID=272.  Any questions about the Attendance Policy may be directed to Mrs. Lisa Berrodin:  (610) 489-7272 x 209.

    It is the responsibility of the student to find out what they have/will missed and to manage their time accordingly between current classroom assignments and missed assignments and complete the missed assignment in a timely manner that has been approved by Mr. Ducko.

    Outside Jobs

    It may be requested that Electrical Occupations students perform electrical work around Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center.  Working on an outside job is a privilege and will give students valuable work experience, so to be eligible to partake in an outside job the following criteria must be met:

    1. Student has proven to Mr. Ducko that they will act responsibly and can positively represent the Electrical Occupations program.

    2. Student has demonstrated ability to work as a member of a team.

    3. Student has demonstrated working knowledge of the shop rules and regulations.  

    4. Student has demonstrated that he or she will always utilize proper personal protection equipment and follow safety protocols.

    5. Student has proven that he or she can properly clean their worksite and other students’ worksites.

    6. Student has satisfactory classroom attendance and maintains at least a "B" average.

    7. Student has not had substantial disciplinary infractions.

    8. Student has demonstrated proper handling of tools and shop equipment.

    9. Student is wearing the correct Electrical Occupations uniform.

    10. Student has completed all overdue/late projects or assignments.

    The privilege of working on an outside job may be revoked at any time.  Any negative behavior will be reported to Mr. Ducko and may impact students’ privilege of participating in the co-op program in addition to the classroom weekly attitude grade along with any skills grade associated with the project.

    Co-Op Program

    It is Mr. Ducko’s goal that all of his students demonstrate that they are able to utilize the skills and knowledge that they have learned in Electrical Occupations and apply them in a real world application.  Like outside jobs, co-op is a privilege and may be revoked at any time.  The following (but not limited to) will be taken into consideration when a student desires to participate in the Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center Co-Op Program:

    1. Discipline Record

    2. Classroom Attendance

    3. Classroom Participation

    4. Workethic and Quality

    5. Performance at Homeschool

    6. Outside Job Performance

    7. Electrical Occupations Overall Average


    S/P2 - Construction Safety Training

    S/P2 - Construction Interviewing Skills

    OSHA-10 Hour Certification

    NOCTI Competency Certificates

    WMCTC Certificate of Completion

    Safety Is Our Goal!

    Our number one priority at WMCTC is to educate students in the safety of all aspects of their chosen career path.  We put a strong emphasis on educating our students on safety and refreshing that safety knowledge every year.  We also make it a priority to provided industry safety certifications such as the OSHA-10 Hour Certification and the S/P2 Construction Safety Training Certification.  Their is no point in going to work everyday if you will not be coming home safely!