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    This instructional program prepares students for employment in institutional or
    commercial food establishments or other food industry occupations. Instruction
    includes theory and applications related to planning, selecting, purchasing,
    preparing (cooking and baking), and serving of quantity food and food products;
    nutrition; use and care of commercial equipment; safety and sanitation
    precautions. Practical experience is a major part of the course through the
    operation and management of a complete food service facility. It is essential
    that anyone who handles food have basic good health and be free of communicable
    infection. Good habits of neatness and cleanliness are essential and will be
    developed as the student studies health codes and labor laws. This program is
    based on proven culinary operations and techniques used in country clubs,
    restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, hospitals, and (in-plant) industrial feeding.
    Through demonstrations and theory classes with the major emphasis directed to
    “hands-on” day-by-day experience in a production kitchen. The student should
    become skilled in using most of the essential hand tools and equipment. They
    will become familiar and also skilled with a variety of heavy equipment that is
    used for quality production and cooking in larger establishments. Students will
    receive practical training in most cooking techniques, prep (preparation of
    foods for the daily menu), banquets, buffets, catering, and the service line
    (serving from the kitchen). They will also be in direct contact with guests for
    buffets, catering, and dining room service. In addition to table service, they
    receive training for Maitre d’ Hotel (Host or Hostess), server, and cashier. The
    graduate has a wide range of job offers to choose from because the foodservice
    field is presently the second largest industry in the country. From our
    teaching exposure, experience, co-op training, and job placement program, a
    student can start their career in any of the S.O.C. Titles shown.

    Upon completion of this program, students will be prepared for entry-level
    positions in the food service industry or advanced study at a culinary college
    or university.