• Hello Culinary Family!
    We are so excited about starting the new school year with you!

    A few quick things before we all meet on Monday, August 29th, 2022:

    Did you order your uniforms? You will need to have your uniforms at the beginning of the year so we can jump right into the kitchen.  Don't forget, a clean apron is a required part of your uniform for all kitchen activities.

    Don’t forget, you cannot go into the kitchens if you do not have your non-slip safety shoes. Clogs, sneakers, slip-ons… it doesn’t matter as long as you can show that they are not-slip. Your safety is always first! 

    Levels 2 & 3, your uniforms were dirty at the end of last year. A dirty uniform is considered out of uniform and you will not be able to participate in lab activities with a dirty uniform.  Working in the kitchens is soooo much better than sitting in the homeroom, doing extra book work! So please, replace your old/dirty uniforms, thank you!!!

    Did you sign up for “Remind”? We have attached the codes and instructions for the AM class (9th grade AND level 1), level 2 class, and level 3 class.

    • Please sign up as soon as you can so we can start to communicate, even before the school year begins.
    • Parents/guardians, we suggest you sign up as well, so you can see what assignments, deadlines, and special events your student will have throughout the school year.

    Students are asked to bring their own laptops to school on the days they come to WMCTC. This will cut down on cross-contact between students. If you do not have a personal/school-supplied lap-top, we have Chrome-books that you can borrow as long as we sanitize them properly after each use.

    We will be doing all the bookwork in Google Classroom. Please make sure you are ready to create and share Google folders and Google Docs on your first day. Don’t worry! We will take this step-by-step, so we are all working on our projects as a team!

    Please reach out with any questions or concerns, we are always here to help!
    Stay safe, stay kind, stay healthy, stay awesome!!

    Chef Tina Arnt

    P.S... Don't forget to click the links below and sign up for Remind!! Thank you!!

    AM Class Remind Link

    Level 2 Remind Link

    Level 3 Remind Link

    Program of Study, as put forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education
    Task List, as put forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education