Field Trips

  • Students enrolled in the Cosmetology Program may be provided the opportunity to attend field trips throughout their program.In order to participate in the field trips, students must:
    • Have a passing grade in all academic classes and in their technical program. 
    • NOT exceed 10 demerits. 
    • NOT have received a Level 3 misconduct. 
    • NOT exceed 10 unexcused absences. 
    • NOT exceed 3 unexcused tardies. 
    • Complete and submit all required paperwork and costs by the due date. 
    • Be appropriately dressed on the day of the field trip (students who are dressed inappropriately will not be permitted to board the bus).
    Students who do not meet these requirements will not be permitted to attend the field trips. STUDENTS WILL STILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FINANCIAL OBLIGATION IF TICKETS HAVE ALREADY BEEN ORDERED.