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    The Little Buckaroo Pre-School offers a wide variety of activities and experiences designed for two, three, four, and five-year-old children. The atmosphere is designed to foster autonomy and independence, develop thinking skills and self-control, encourage creativity and socially acceptable behavior, and construct a healthy
    self- concept.

    Children learn through doing. They are encouraged to make choices and participate in a variety of experiences. Exploration of a variety of art mediums is available. The ability to follow instructions is strengthened through craft activities.

    Imaginative play, music, and stories elicit self-expression and self-identity. Manipulatives and small toys promote dexterity and problem-solving activities. Because of the low student-to-teacher ratio, children receive a lot of individual attention. Social and communication skills are practiced in small and large group activities.


    Little Buckaroo Pre-school is conducted by students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program at Western Montgomery Career & Technology Center. Having studied developmental and teaching theory and having observed teachers in various childcare facilities, our student-teachers plan and direct the learning activities. The student-teacher plans are approved, and their teaching is supervised by their instructor, Mrs. Stephanie German, a Pennsylvania-certified teacher.

    Safety – We have a school nurse on-site, as well as First Aid and CPR-trained staff.