• The Little Buckaroo Pre-school offers a wide variety of activities and experiences designed
    for two, three, four, and five year old children.
    An atmosphere is designed to foster autonomy and independence, develop thinking skills and self-control, encourage creativity and socially acceptable behavior, and construct a healthy
    self- concept.

    Children learn through doing. They are encouraged to make choices and participate in a variety of experiences. Exploration of a variety of art mediums is available. The ability to follow instruction is strengthened through craft activities.

    Imaginative play, music, and stories elicit self-expression and self-identity. Manipulatives and small toys promote dexterity and problem solving activities. Because of the low student to teacher ratio, children receive much individual attention. Social and communication skills are practiced in small and large group activities.


    Little Buckaroo Pre-school is conducted by students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program at Western Montgomery Career & Technology Center. Having studied developmental and teaching theory, and having observed teachers in various child care facilities, our student-teachers’ plan and direct the learning activities. The student-teachers’ plans are approved and their teaching supervised by their instructor, Mrs. Stephanie German, a Pennsylvania certified teacher.

    Safety – We have a school nurse on-site, as well as First Aid and CPR trained staff.

    Buckaroo Nursery School Handbook 2018-2019