Protective Services is a vocational training program designed to meet the training standards for employment in a particular occupation. The mandated curriculum includes training in Communication Skills, Control Tactics, Motor Vehicle Patrol Procedures, Crimes Code, Criminal Procedure, Laws of Arrest, Search and Seizure and Criminal Investigation. Additionally, students will also learn Forensic Science, FingerPrinting, Crime Scene Analysis and other types of physical evidence.

    Students will also be introduced to Fire Prevention and Fire Suppression. Accident Investigation, Interviewing and Interrogation, Physical Conditioning, and Emergency Medical Services are also part of Protective Services Program.

    Students who successfully complete the program may continue their studies at the college level and obtain a criminal justice or fire science degree. With an articulation agreements with Montgomery, Northampton, Reading, and Harrisburg Community Colleges, students are awarded up to nine credits after completing the three year program.

    Since the inception of the program,students who graduated from Protective Services have entered the military,graduated with their two year associated degree in criminal justice or fire science and or currently working in private security sector, corrections, or have already entered a police academy.

    Program of Study, as put forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education
    Task List, as put forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education