Integrated Pest Control Management Act

  • We provide this information to you in order to comply with the requirement of the Integrated Pest Management Act 25 (2002) and the Pesticide Notification Act 36 (2002) of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The intent of these new laws is to minimize the use of pesticides on school property, through the use of pest control methods.

    Specifically, the Western Montgomery Career & Technology Center (WMCTC) must:

    1. Prepare and adopt an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy (Act 35).
    2. Provide notification to staff and students prior to the application of any pesticides (Act 36).

    - WMCTC has available for review a copy of the IPM Policy (number 716).
    - WMCTC will use the “universal” method of notification if the application of a pesticide is necessary. That is, a notice will be sent home to each student and staff member three (3) days prior to the planned treatment.
    - WMCTC has been very successful in minimizing the need for the use of pesticides on school property in the past. This goal is proudly accomplished through timely and thorough custodial, sanitary, and maintenance practices which we will continue using in the future.