Uniform, Materials, & Health Requirements


    • Students are required to wear a navy blue scrub top and pants, white shoes, and a lab coat.
    • Students are required to purchase 1-2 sets of NAVY BLUE scrubs. We will discuss the acceptable type of white shoes during the first week of school. They may opt to order/purchase a uniform package or individual items and a white lab coat with the school logo (mandatory) from APEX Apparel which can be found on the school's website.


    • Level I students will be required to purchase a workbook for $42.00. Detailed information about the uniform and workbook will be given to your student at the beginning of the school year.
    • Level II students will be required to purchase the NA Care workbook at a cost of $12.92.
    • Level III students will be required to purchase a Medical Assisting Workbook at a cost of $47.00 and the Building a Medical Vocabulary, 10th edition book at a cost of $72.00.