Uniform, Materials, & Tools


    • WMCTC uniform shirts may be ordered from the online uniform store on the school website students are required to wear an Electrical uniform shirt that can be ordered through the uniform store or vest that will be provided by Mr. Ducko.  Optional apparel will also be available during the school year.  A WMCTC uniform shirt or Electrical Occupations vests must be worn every day as it is a uniform requirement.  If uniform shirts are not available on the first day of school, students will be permitted to wear a school and work-appropriate t-shirt. As this is required to work in the shop, it is recommended to order more than one shirt.
    • Tan/Khaki-colored pants (i.e. Dickies, Carhartt) are to be worn in the shop at all times. All students are also required to wear belts. 
    • Leather work boots, laced and tied. A composite toe is recommended. Regular and steel toe boots are also permitted, but exposed steel toes are not. 
    • School ID badges must be worn at all times.
                               No student will be permitted to work in the shop without the appropriate uniform.
    • Pens, pencils, college ruled lined paper (or spiral notebook based on preference)
    • A 3 ring binder with or a folder and notebook
    • Calculator 
    • Highly recommended, but not mandatory, for students to bring their own tool-belt (ex. Electrician’s Tool Apron, by Klein Tools, Model No. 42200)
    • (x1) pair of non-prescription safety glasses will be provided by the school. Students may purchase their own based on their preferences (must be Z87 approved); glasses that have colored or tinted lenses are not permitted.


    Uniform/attire can be purchased through WMCTC's Official Uniform Site. For additional questions regarding uniform and class requirements or materials, please reach out to your instructor.