Uniform, Materials, & Tools


    • (3x) SSB2201 White Chef's Coats
    • (3x) SSB3012 Pairs Black Chef Pants
    • (2x) of either SSB2105 Black Chef Hat or SSB2103 Black Skull Hat
    • (2x) SSB1000 White Bib Aprons
    • (1x) SSB1001 Black Bistro Apron

    Uniforms can be purchased online at the WMCTC website or from the following web sites:


    • (1x) 3-ring binder. 
    • (1x) Writing instrument (pen or pencil). 
    • (1x) Black or blue Sharpie. 
    • (1x) Pocket Thermometer 


    Uniform/attire can be purchased through WMCTC's Official Uniform Site. For additional questions regarding uniform and class requirements or materials, please reach out to your instructor.