Uniform, Materials, & Tools

  • Uniform Link: Automotive Technology Uniform Store


    • (3x) Navy work shirts (Dickies type) WMCTC logo per online store or plain.
    • (3x) Pairs of Navy work pants (Dickies type).
    • Black work boots and steel toes are recommended.

    The following may be worn instead of the work shirt:

    • Plain Navy T-shirts –WMCTC logo or plain.
    • Plain Navy Sweatshirt or Dickies type work jacket 


    • The school will supply non-prescription safety glasses; however, if needed, Z87-approved prescription glasses (shatterproof and verified with a doctor’s note), need to be purchased.
    • (2x) Spiral Bound Composition notebooks
    • (2x) #2 pencils
    • (2x) pens (black preferred)
    • (1x) 1-inch 3-ring binder

    Students should possess a full uniform and are required to wear it at all times. Additionally, students should always keep a complete extra uniform in their locker.

    Shop T-shirts will be provided for purchase. The cost of the shirt will be approximately $9.50. Checks can be made payable to WMCTC.