• Q: Is the $25.00 fee per quarter or for the entire year?
    A: $25.00 fee is for the entire year. If you begin driving in Quarter 4, we have decreased the price to $10.00.

    Q: I am in the Co-Op program, do I have to pay to park?
    A: No, as long as you are actively on co-op you do not have to pay for a parking sticker. 

    • If you are currently on CO-OP there is no charge for a permit.
    • If you do not have a permit and sometime during the year need a permit because of earning a CO-OP position no charge for a permit.
    • All other CO-OP students that have previously had a permit because they drive to our school and then earn a CO-OP position do not receive a refund once COOP starts.