• Discipline Equals Freedom

    “THERE IS NO EASY WAY.  There is only hard work, late nights, early mornings, practice, rehearsal, repetition, study, sweat, blood, toil, frustration, and discipline.  DISCIPLINE.” -  Jocko Willink ²

    Protective Services is a vocational training program designed to meet the training standards for employment in particular occupations, many of which are para-military based.   Therefore, this program will have para-military aspects as well to better prepare students for their chosen future.  This includes but is not limited to the proper wearing and maintaining of uniforms, marching, and general discipline.

    Students will be expected to be in full uniform every day and proper gym attire on scheduled physical training days.  They will be required to participate in all activities to the best of their ability.  This program consists of a significant amount of academics and theory as well as practical, hands-on activities in the lab.  Attentiveness, discipline, and safety are mandated.  Students will receive weekly Daily Conduct and Work Ethic grades which consists of daily evaluations of their work ethic, ability to follow rules and regulations, preparedness, participation, and behavior.  A copy of the Daily Conduct and Work Ethic rubric is attached for your review. 

    In addition to the mandated curriculum as reviewed in the Syllabus section of this page, instruction will have a focus on self-motivation, ownership, teamwork, and self-discipline.   My goal through the course of this program is to develop self-confidence in students that will carry throughout their life; to help them create both short and long term goals that they are determined to reach.  

    “No more excuses….Now is the time for strength.  And through strength – and through will – and through unwavering discipline – I will become what I want to be.  I will become who I want to be.”  - Jocko Willink ³ 

    Protective Services students will be held to a higher standard.  They will learn that not only do they represent the Protective Services program, but they also represent themselves, their family, their schools, their community, and their chosen professions.  It is my goal that they hold their heads high, stand proud, believe in themselves, believe in one another, and believe that they have the power and strength to seize their dreams in the future. 


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    Protective Services Daily Conduct and Work Ethic Rubric

    Program of Study, as put forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education

    Task List, as put forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education