Customer Guidelines

  • 1.  A Customer Work Order Request must be completed before any request can be considered. A response will be sent to you in the mail.

    2.  All work accepted must involve tasks that are part of the approved curriculum of the program and will be given to students who have reached a level of competence where the work will have instructional value to them. The instructor will decide if the job is of instructional value.

    3.  All work accepted will be completed under the direct supervision of the instructor in the assigned area and documented on a "Customer Work Order".

    4.  The customer will furnish all materials and parts before the starting date of the project unless alternate arrangements have been made between the customer and the instructor. All service performed will be assessed a minimum fee of $5.00 per scheduled service. If the work requires the use of the Auto Body Spray Booth, a fee of $10/hour will be assessed. The Service Fee money will be used to defray hazardous waste removal costs (fluids and filters) and associated lab training materials.

    5.  Any vehicles accepted for repair must be in safe operating condition to permit driving to and from shops.  Vehicles must have current state inspection and be individually titled.

    6.  Job completion dates must be considered flexible because the primary purpose for accepting projects is to provide realistic learning experiences for students.

    7.  The staff, administration, and the Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center are released from any liability, loss, or accidental damage to any property being tested or repaired on said premises.