Customer Service/Fee Policy

  • Potential customers requesting service to be performed on their personal vehicles must first fill out a “WMCTC Customer Automotive Work Request Form” available in the Main Office or in the Collision Repair Lab. All work will be evaluated by the lab instructor to determine the instructional value and appropriateness to the student training experience. The lab teacher as well as the Administrative Director must approve the work to be performed before service can be rendered.  The customer will be notified of the approval or disapproval of the request with anticipated service date via the “Customer Work Request Form.” Since WMCTC is a training institution, WMCTC cannot be held responsible for damage to personal vehicles, existing or new parts, or time frames for completion.

    Before service commences, the customer will be informed of the necessary parts to perform the service. Customers will have the option of either supplying the parts or having the parts ordered through the school vendor. All parts ordered through the school must be paid in full prior to installation (payable to Western Montgomery CTC). The customer will also be responsible for paying the state sales tax as indicated on the invoice.  If customer is tax exempt, a copy of the exemption certificate must be provided to WMCTC or tax will be charged. Parts to be ordered totaling $100 or more will require customer approval, lab instructor approval, and Administrative Director approval before the order is placed.

    All service performed will be assessed a minimum fee of $5.00 per scheduled service.  If the work requires the use of the Auto Body Spray Booth, a fee of $10/hour will be assessed. The Service Fee money will be used to defray hazardous waste removal costs (fluids and filters) and associated lab training materials.  All applicable fees, together with the money for the parts, will be collected by the lab instructor.  A cash receipt indicating lab name, amount for supplies, amount of state sales tax and Service Fee will be attached to the money and forwarded to the Business Office. 

    Parts removed from the vehicle will be returned to the customer for disposal (fluids, filters, old core(s), and other instructor authorized parts).  For further information or clarification regarding this policy, please contact any of the Automotive Technology Instructors.