• WMCTC Flexible Instruction Day Procedures

    Please see below the procedures to be followed on a Flexible Instructional Day:


    • When inclement weather seems imminent, WMCTC will send out a notification through our Student Information System (SchoolMessenger) to all families and students that there may be the possibility of poor weather conditions and to prepare for the potential of a Flexible Instructional Day (FID). If information arises during the school day, WMCTC will utilize our building intercom system to inform teachers to have students take necessary materials home and to plan to log in to our Learning Management System (LMS), Google Classroom, for their instruction the following day.

    • WMCTC will utilize SchoolMessenger for large-format announcements to all families. This will be done via email and phone calls. Teachers and Student Success Coordinators will utilize Skyward, Remind, and Zoom to communicate with students and families. The information will also be posted in each program’s Google classrooms. WMCTC will also notify the local news channels to let them know of the school closing decision.

    • Areas to find information:
      - SchoolMessenger (email and phone calls)
      - Website Update
      - Social Media (Facebook)
      - The digital sign out front of the school (on Graterford Road)
      - News stations (3, 6, 10)

    • When will a FID day be used?
      Per WCMTC’s Articles of Agreement, if two of the three sending school districts call off or have an FID day, we follow the majority.

    • Should a student be unable to log in due to a power outage, lack of access to the internet, or any other reason, there must be some other method for notification from the school that the student is to participate in the FID.
      In this situation, there is a packet of materials handed out to students at the start of the year to address this situation. The packet will contain a phone list with a number for the student/family to use to report issues.


    • WMCTC's daily schedule is as follows:
      - Morning classes begin at 7:50 and end by 10:30. 
      - Afternoon classes commence at 11:00 and end by 2:10.

    • WMCTC will be taking attendance at this time, and students are expected to turn in all assigned work in a timely manner (by the stated due date). Attendance will be taken off of the synchronous learning Zoom and assignment completion. 

      • Teachers will take the attendance of students who attended the live instruction component of the period. They will then cross-reference that to list with the student time log in our LMS. Students who did not attend the live class, watch the recording, or complete any assignments will be marked absent.

      • Students are expected to be in attendance and log in to Zoom classrooms for assistance and instruction in relation to the posted lessons. They are required to attend their classes virtually. If a student is unable to complete assignments and participate in classroom lessons and discussions, they will be marked absent. 

      • Students are expected to communicate with their instructor via phone or email if they do not have consistent internet access, so that WMCTC can provide alternative methods of delivering content. 

    • Instructors will be available during regular school hours (7:50 to 2:10), and instructors will provide each student/parent with the time when their office hours will occur via email. Office hours will be implemented using Zoom technology.

    • If you wish to have your student opt out of using Zoom for the delivery of instruction, please contact the Principal, Mr. Craig Robinson, at crobinson@westerncenter.org, and we will provide you with paper copies of assignments.


    • Teachers will post assignments to their Google Classroom for students to access on the FID. Instruction will occur synchronously.

    • Students must complete and submit assignments provided by their teacher(s) on the FID or the next school day immediately following the FID.

    • Our teachers will provide grades and feedback on assignments given during this time.