Opportunities to Earn College Credits

Opportunities to Earn College Credits for Coursework Completed at WMCTC

  1. SOAR
  2. One to One Articulations
  3. Credit for Prior Learning

What is SOAR Program?

A SOAR Program is a PDE approved, Career and Technical Education Program that credits skills and tasks learned at the secondary school (High School) level to a postsecondary (college) degree, diploma or certificate program.  SOAR programs prepare todays’ student for High Priority Occupations which are tomorrow’s high demand and high wage careers.

Why take advantage of SOAR?

  • Save Money on Tuition
  • Shorten College Attendance Time
  • Be Prepared to Enter the Job Market

How to qualify for SOAR Credits?

  • Must enroll in an approved Program of Study (POS)
  • Take rigorous academic coursework
  • Must have a culminating GPA 2.5 in chosen CTE program
  • Must achieve Competent or Advance on NOCTI
  • Must have a completed SOAR competency list in CTE program to industry standard

What do I need to do?

  • Student must qualify for SOAR credits
  • Student must have all required documentation complete and submit to participating college
  • Student may access SOAR credits up to 3 years after high school graduation

For additional information regarding SOAR


Pennsylvania Department of Education has approved the following WMCTC programs as Programs of Study.

        Automotive Technology (CIP code 47.0604)

        Carpentry (CIP code 46.0201)

        Collision Repair (CIP code 47.0603)

        Commercial Art (CIP code 50.0402)

        Computer Information Systems (CIP code 11.0901)

        Culinary Arts (CIP code 12.0508)

        Dental Assisting (CIP code 51.0601)

        Diesel Technology (CIP code 47.0613)

        Early Childhood Education (CIP code 19.0708)

        Electrical Occupations (CIP code 46.0399)

        Health Science Technology (CIP code 51.0899)

        Heating,Ventilation and Air Conditioning (CIP code 47.0201)

        Protective Services (CIP code 43.9999)                          

Listing of Post-secondary schools is available at www.collegetransfer.net. Search PA Bureau of CTE SOAR program. Select your CIP code and year of graduation. Check this site throughout the year schools are added all the time.

One to One Articulations-- Articulations agreements between WMCTC and Post secondary schools vary from program to program.  Check with Instructor and Student Services.

Credit for Prior Learning--- After being accepted to college, speak to a representative from the college advisement department. Ask if there are any opportunities to earn credit for prior learning. You can provide the school with any certificates earned at WMCTC and your program task list.

Do not miss out on an opportunity because you did not take the time to ask!!


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