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  • Petaccio’s Driving School (henceforth in this document as PDS) is located in Royersford, owned and operated by a Royersford native. PDS has a long history of supporting the Western Center as well as the Athletic and Art Programs of Spring-Ford High School. Please note that one of the main concepts PDS attempts to make parents aware of is that it is our job (parent(s) and PDS) to support the student. Both PDS and the parent(s) have a duty in forming safe drivers; PDS's duty is to teach the skills needed to be a safe, defensive driver and the parent(s)' duty is to practice with the student on an almost daily basis. Below, please find a list of the services offered to teen drivers at this time:

    1) 6 Hour Behind the Wheel Instruction with Test Administration:

    Our most popular package) is 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction with test administration at our office in Royersford. We break the 6 hours up into four 90-minute lessons with home/school/work pick-up and drop off within the district. We have the student develop a wide range of skills, covering major topics such as: basic vehicle orientation and controls, proper seat adjustment, how to properly set vehicle mirrors, proper steering, proper stopping at stop signs, rural road driving, in town driving, residential and development driving, entering and exiting a freeway, freeway driving, 2 & 3 point turns, basic intersections, complex intersections, weave merging, emergency braking, proper use of turning lanes, proper use of dual left turning lanes, protected turns, school zones, proper ways to address school buses, parallel parking, test preparation. These are most but not all skills taught and reinforced while driving. How much we cover is in large part determined by the ability of the student and the practice he/she puts in between lessons.

     2) Driver Education Theory:

    An online course that introduces students to laws of driving, signage, defensive driving techniques and much more.

    3) 90-Minute Lesson: 

    The parents and student let us know what skills they would like to work on in a single 90-minute lesson. Usually they want us to cover parallel parking and test preparation. Depending on the student’s skills PDS will ascertain how the lesson proceeds.

    4) Abbreviated Test Preparation:

    This is a 15-20-minute drive through the test route prior to testing. This is used by people whom believe they are ready to take and pass their driving exam but they want to become familiar with the test route before testing. The student is driven through the route by an examiner. The student does not drive during the perpetration time. Please note this is not an official lesson.

    5) Driver Skills Test:

    This is completed at our office in Royersford. Unlike the past, a student does not have to take any lessons with us in order to test with us. Any new driver wishing to take to take his or her driving test can now do so through our office in Royersford.

    These are a summary of PDS' most popular programs for teen drivers. Upon completion of 6 hours of driving lessons and/or completion of the Driver's Education Theory Course, a student is issued a certificate of completion. Many insurance companies offer a significant discount for completing driver's education. PDS meets and exceeds all the state requirements to issue this certificate.  

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    For information on this program and/or behind the wheel instruction contact Petaccio’s Driving School at 610-948-4979. OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday 11:30 to 4 P.M.  Answering Service: 24/7

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