Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center

What starts here changes your world!

Personalized learning anywhere, anytime, on any device.

wildcat WMCTC believes that preparing students for career & college readiness in the 21st century and competing with students around the world requires digitally literate students with strong critical-thinking and problem-solving skills who are connected with the world around them. Connectivity is the key! Students must be connected anytime, anywhere.

Personal devices are no longer powered down in our school. Students have engaging, educational tools at their fingertips, and are encouraged to use them to enhance learning. The wild://cat BYOD mobile learning initiative allows students to bring any internet-ready device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and use them to instantly connect with classmates and teachers to start transforming their classroom experience. Plus, students are already familiar with how their personal device works, which means less time is spent on learning the device, and more time can be spent on constructing knowledge.

Learning doesn't stop when students leave the classroom. The traditional dividing lines between home and school become blurred as students are able to access knowledge from anywhere through the use of their personal device. In addition to instant access, allowing students to incorporate electronic devices in the classroom promotes digital citizenship and cultivates the idea that devices are not just a source of entertainment but are also learning tools.
Many schools throughout Montgomery County and across the nation have implemented mobile learning initiatives. WMCTC is not just allowing students to bring their devices in, but providing a variety of online tools and content, and is implementing a thoughtful and robust teacher development program. There is evidence that with the increased use of student and teacher technology, student engagement and interest increases, as does student achievement.  
At WMCTC, "what starts here, changes your world."  We think being connected is a great way to help achieve that. 
Some content on this site adapted from LMTSD, KISD, & HISD