New Student Orientation Information 2021-2022



    Arrival Times:
    Spring-Ford: 7:50 AM / 11:00 AM
    Upper Perk: 8:00 AM / 11:30 AM
    Pottsgrove: 7:50 AM / 11:15 AM

    Students that get dropped off by parent are expected by 8:00 AM!
    Please see the student drop-off map!

    Pottsgrove: 10:20 AM / 1:50 PM
    Spring-Ford: 10:25 AM / 2:10 PM
    Upper Perk: 10:25 AM / 2:00 PM




    Behavior and Safety:
    Safety is paramount at WMCTC. Many of the tools you will be using in class are dangerous and can seriously hurt someone.  There is an expectation that you will use these tools independently and responsibly. When thinking about displaying questionable behavior, always ask yourself what the worst-case scenario is in that situation.  Any continued displays of misconduct in the classroom and in the lab will be met with serious consequences. We are counting on you as responsible young adults to be trusted and to take advantage of your education here! Please see our student handbook below from pages to 18-27 regarding our disciplinary policies.

    Grading System:
    Technical education involves more than academic work, therefore, it becomes necessary to consider other factors when grading students. Attitude, knowledge, and skills are prime factors in determining the grades of technical students. Students will have the opportunity to improve their performance rating in regards to competencies as determined by the technical instructor. Teachers will gladly discuss a student’s progress at any time. A grade record sheet and anecdotal record sheet are kept on every student. Grades are recorded as numerical grades. The school term is divided into two (2) semesters or four (4) marking periods.  Students are expected to maintain a minimum grade of 70% in their technical program to return the following year.

    Our students are graded on a different scale here.  The expectation from the state is that you complete a “Program of Study” or “Task Grid”.  These are the expected skills for an entry-level employee in your field to be able to do. Skill grades are graded at a weight of 50%, a student’s Knowledge grade (tests, quizzes, homework) at 30%, and a student’s Attitude grade (uniforms, attendance, compliance with policies, ability to work efficiently) is weighted at 20%.  We are preparing our students to be successful in the workplace and in post-secondary education.

    Grade Scale:
    100 – 93 (A) Excellent
    92 – 85 (B) Above Average
    84 – 77 (C) Average
    76 – 70 (D) Below Average
    69 – 0 (F) Failing

    Parents are asked to call WMCTCs attendance office, 610-489-7272 ext. 209, when a student will be absent or tardy. This call will be listed and will be accepted as a temporary excuse and is to be followed by a written excuse. A student who is absent from school must, upon his/her return, present a note to the Attendance Office stating the full name of the student, the reason for absence, the date(s) of such absence, and the signature of the parent, guardian, or another person in charge of the student. The school must receive a written excuse within three (3) days of the student’s return or the absence will be classified as unlawful or unexcused.

    Student Responsibilities: Students are expected to attend school daily. Our attendance policy is based on the following:

    • Improving the student’s chances for acceptance in the workplace.
    • Helping the student to develop a sense of responsibility, discipline, and good work habits.
    • Developing a sense of teamwork which fosters dependability and will benefit the workforce.
    • Establishing a rapport between home and school to encourage regular school attendance. Frequent absences greatly affect student accumulation of competencies and are greatly discouraged. All regulations related to attendance and tardiness are also in effect when students are on co-op, work-site, or clinical assignments.

     Absence Procedures:

    • All students must submit to WMCTC a written excuse for any absence.
    • The note must be signed by a parent/guardian and a valid reason for the absence must be given. 10 x The written excuse must be given to the Attendance Office within three (3) days after returning to school. After three (3) days, if a written excuse is not given to the Attendance Office, the absence remains “unexcused”.
    • Report of an intended absence from school should be made by a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office at WMCTC by calling 610-489-7272 ext. 209. In addition, automated calls/emails are sent to parents who have not notified the Attendance Office of the absence.
    • Students will be considered present if they participate in a sending school-sponsored activity and are not able to attend WMCTC. Advanced notification of these activities is required. Participation in sending school activities will require sending school permission.
    • Students who accumulate more than fifteen (15) non-consecutive days in total absences must have any subsequent days missed validated by a doctor’s note. Extenuating circumstances or extended illness may be a basis for creating exceptions to the guidelines. Exceptions can also be made if some of the previous days were validated by a doctor’s note. Administrative discretion may be invoked in this case.
      • Only the following are considered EXCUSED absences:
        • An illness
        • A doctor’s appointment
        • A religious holiday
        • A death in the family
        • Special circumstances as approved by WMCTC Administration. This would include preapproved trips with the required form (Notification of Advanced Absence).
      • UNEXCUSED absences include, but are not limited to the following:
        • Oversleeping
        • Car trouble
        • Unauthorized trip or vacation
        • Missing the bus
        • Working on a day of absence from school
      • Parents/guardians and sending schools will be informed of a child’s unexcused absence accumulation, and subsequent disciplinary measures will result according to the following:
        • Three (3) days accumulated unexcused absence: A warning letter will be sent to the parent/guardian.
        • Five (5) days accumulated unexcused absence: The parent/guardian, technical teacher, and home school will receive written notification.
        • Eight (8) days accumulated unexcused absence: The parent/guardian, technical teacher, and home school will receive written notification.
        • Fifteen (15) days accumulated absence: The parent/guardian, technical teacher, and home school will be notified that with any subsequent days of absence, the note must be in the form of a doctor’s note to be considered excused.
        • Ten (10) days of consecutive unexcused absence that meet the guidelines of Pennsylvania School Code 11.24 shall result in an un-enrollment from WMCTC. The technical teacher, sending school principal, and parent/guardian will be notified in writing after five (5) consecutive days have been accumulated and when the ten (10) consecutive days of unexcused absence have been accumulated.

    At WMCTC, we have our own Skyward system for Student Information. This is where parents can view grades, attendance, communicate with teachers, and update their own personal information.

    This summer, you will receive a letter documenting how to sign up. It is very important that this letter is viewed carefully and all the documents that need to be reviewed are reviewed.  We ask that you review our handbooks and update all personal information. Students are not allowed in the lab areas until this is complete as it is a safety issue (no updated medical and parent information poses a risk for the student if there is an injury). 

    Every Friday, we send out a weekly newsletter updating you on the happenings of the school.  We cannot help if we do not know what is going on. Please keep the lines of communication open always!! We distribute this letter using School Messenger. It is essential that you sign up for this as well. Your student’s teacher will give a code to sign up on the first day of school. Please do not sign up until then!!


    WMCTC Goals:
    Our goal at the Western Center is simply to put your student in the best possible position to be the best version of themselves by the time they leave us.  We will do whatever it takes to do that. At WMCTC, we provide the best teachers, the most up-to-date equipment and we are constantly examining our curriculum with our Occupational Advisory Committees to ensure that your students are learning current trends in their industry. 

    NOCTI Exam:
    All of your students will take the NOCTI exam when they are seniors. This is the culminating, national examination for all students in technical schools. There are two parts to this exam.  The first is a written portion and the second is a performance exam. The performance exam is judged by industry professionals. Over the last five years over 90 percent of our students have passed this exam and this year 94 percent passed!  We are confident in our ability to prepare your students for life after high school. Our goal every year is to ensure that 100 percent will pass and we are confident that we will one day accomplish that.

    Your student will leave WMCTC with a number of industry-recognized certifications. This year, we had a record number of students earn industry-recognized certifications and our teachers are always looking to add more.  Certifications allow students to earn jobs right out of high school and are excellent skills to possess in any workplace. In addition, they will help grab the attention of potential employers or colleges!!

    Co-operative Education:
    When they are seniors (or second-semester juniors), your students may have the opportunity to participate in Co-Operative education.  This means that they will work during school and begin to earn life and work experience while in high school. We have partnerships with thousands of employers in the area and many times they hire our students right out of the co-op in high school.  It is one of the many outstanding opportunities your students will have here. Our goal is for every senior to be on co-op if they deem it to be something that would be valuable to them!

    Uniform Guidelines:
    In all areas of instruction, students are required to wear clothing commonly worn in their chosen technical program. It is the student’s responsibility to purchase the needed clothing within the first two weeks of school. It is recommended that each student have at least three sets of work clothing so that there is always one set kept in school ready for use. Students are asked to have their uniforms laundered frequently. Individual technical teachers will determine acceptable uniforms for their program. All students must conform to the dress standards for their particular technical area or face the consequences as specified in the student disciplinary policy. Visit our website at to find the specific uniform requirements for each program.