What's Happening in Mrs. McGinnis' Class

  • Thank you for stopping by my page!

    My name is Mrs. McGinnis and I have been a cosmetology instructor for over 30 years!  I love to work with cosmetology students who are eager to pursue a career in service and well-being!.

    What you can expect to see, learn and experience in my class is up to you.  If you want to be the best, you have to bring your best! 

    On the side menu, you will find resurces that will help you in this course.  Feel free to look at those and contact me if you need assistance or have questions.

    Let's make every day the most beautiful day you can!


    Mrs. McGinns
    Cosmetology Classroom
    Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center
    77 Graterford Road
    Limerick, PA  19468