Uniform & Materials

  • Uniforms for the Metal Technology class shall be purchased through our online uniform store at the following link.
    The following uniform items are required for this class:
    • Quantity 2 of  WM2000 - Charcoal Tee 
    • Quantity 1 of  WM2002 - Charcoal LS Tee
    • Quantity 2 of  SSB3000 - Black Work Pants 
    • Work boots are also required and may be purchased at the vendor of your choice. Work boots at a minimum must consist of a rubber sole with a leather upper that covers the ankle. Steel toes are optional.

           Safety Glasses - Non-prescription safety glasses will be supplied by school. If a student requires prescription safety glasses,the        student will be responsible for purchaseing ANSI Z87-2 shatterproof eyeware which must be verified with a doctor’s note.
          Additional materials:
    • New students will be required to purchase two workbooks. Welding Workbook $22.00 and Machining Workbook $22.00
    • Pen & pencil required every day.
    • Lined paper
    • (1) one inch 3-ring binder.