Uniform, Materials, & Tools


    • Carpenter-style blue jean (not tan) pants with a hammer loop and rule pocket.
    • Work boots, preferably leather, with a heel, no sneakers or sneaker look-a-likes.
    • Non-prescription safety glasses will be supplied by the school; however, Z87 approved prescription glasses (shatterproof and verified with a doctor’s note), need to be purchased.


    • (2x) Pencils
    • Calculator (basic - needs a square root key)
    • (1x) 3-ring binder with lined loose-leaf paper.
    • (1x) 6 foot wooden (CARPENTER’S) folding foot rule.
    • (1x) 30’ Tape Measure w/stud layout marks (Please NO tapes with FRACTION Labels).


    • Safety Yellow Tee 


    Uniform/attire can be purchased through WMCTC's Official Uniform Site. For additional questions regarding uniform and class requirements or materials, please reach out to your instructor.