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    Course Syllabus





    Instructor- Stephen M. Antrim

    Phone# (610) 489-7272 Ext. 120


    Welcome to Carpentry!  You are about to begin a program of training and study designed to prepare you to enter a variety of occupations related to Carpentry and Cabinetmaking.  Your success and level of accomplishment is up to you.  You are the student and are therefore expected to actively participate in your own learning experience.  If you have a desire to learn and a willingness to work hard you will do very well.


    The information that follows will give you a general outline of this years expected and planned activities.  Keep in mind that some of your training may take place on the job site.  Many changes will be made because of weather, types of materials, modifications to the building program and school scheduling.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your specific area of interest; however, you are a member of a great team and need to do your part.


    Our program will reflect a division in the Curriculum for Level 1, Level2 and Level3 Students.  Please understand that the sequence and scope of the practical instruction will be based on Special Projects and activities that occur throughout the year.  The outline that follows reflects the planned content only.  Theory assignments, homework and tests will make every attempt to follow the outline.




    Daily and weekly activities and responsibilities are as follows:

    Students are expected to arrive on time. 

    Students are expected to attend school every day.

    Students are expected to quickly change into their uniform and promptly get prepared for class.

    All students are required to participate in shop and building site clean-up.

    Students are expected to complete all classroom and homework assignments on time, points will be deducted for lateness.

    All students will comply with every rule and stipulation in the student handbook.

    Students are expected to read ahead in their textbooks.

    It is everyone’s responsibility to observe all safety rules.


    Any equipment that is found to be defective or is broken on the job must be reported immediately.


    All students will keep a notebook that will include at a minimum, all handouts, Shop Rules, Notes and formula cards.


    Curriculum Overview


    The chart below will give you an over view of the sequence of planned instruction.  This is the plan for topics in theory, actual hands-on applications will be on an individual basis. The sequence is based on a 3 year program.  Returning students will use the first year instruction on a review-as-needed basis.  First years students will have an opportunity to preview the 2nd year information and 2nd year students will also be afforded the same opportunity.  Homework and theory classes will generally be bases on this list.


     Semesters 1 and 2

    Safety and Hand Tool Introduction

    Hand Tool Proper Operations and Uses

    Building Materials and Estimating

    Job Seeking/Job Keeping Skills

    Complete job application forms

    Prepare a resume

    Blue Print Reading

    Semesters 3 and 4

    Stationary Power Tools

    Floor Framing

    Wall framing

    Construction Management

    Cabinet Construction


     Semesters 5 and 6

    Footings and Foundations

    Exterior Finish

    Interior Finish

    Stair Construction

    Roof Framing 


    Senior Level students at the Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center have the opportunity to participate in NOCTI testing


    NOCTI TestLevel 2 and Level 3 Seniors

    This is a standardized nationally recognized test for Secondary Students in Carpentry Programs.  The test has two parts.  The first part is a series of multiple choice questions on Carpentry. The second part is an approximately 5 hour long practical exam.  Students will be tested on their skill andknowledge.  Students who successfully complete both parts of the exam will receive the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate in Carpentry.  The program of study at Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center prepares the senior student to be successful in both the written and practical parts of the test.

    NOCTI testing normally occurs in Late April or early May


    Co-op Work Experience (Level 2 end of year Level 3 Fulltime)


    All seniors are eligible for Co-op employment job placement providing they meet the following criteria:

    • less than 10 absences
    • not more than 6 tardies
    • no suspensions
    • 85% average in Carpentry
    • not failing any other subject at the Home school
    • completion of 75% of all competencies

    In addition, students must have the approval of Mr. Antrim.  Students must have their own transportation and make application through the school Co-op Coordinator or the School to Work Coordinator. Job placement will also be based on the completion of the prerequisite competency list. (See full Competency List)