• Shop Rules

    Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center

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     Culinary Arts   

    Shop Requirements



    1.         The classroom and locker area shall be neat and orderly atall times. Lockers will be closed and locked at all times.


    2.         Students will be inhomeroom, in required uniforms by the time the homeroom bell rings.   


    3          Act in a safe and professional mannerwhile in the classroom or lab areas.  Foul language -

                profanityunprofessionalbehavior is not acceptable. 


    4.                 Do not use equipment or chemicals if you have not been properly trainedfor the safety of yourself and others.


    5.                 No one is permitted to leave their assigned area for any reason, unlessyou have written permission from the instructor.  No loitering around the mop room, storeroom,locker rooms, and/or the loading dock. During lunch, students are not permitted in the shop or classroom areas.


    6.         Students shall not eat food or drink beverages unless theyhave the explicit permission from the instructor.   


    7.         Enrollmentat a career and technology center has many advantages including the opportunityto partake of the services that are performed at WMCTS.  However, to take advantage of these servicesis a privilege. Students that have excessive absences, tardiness or disciplineissues will be denied the services of the other shops.


    8.         Anyonecaught stealing food will be given a discipline referral and immediatelyreported to Student Services.   


    9.         Demonstraterespect for your fellow students, instructors, material, and equipment at alltimes. 



    Uniform andPersonal Hygiene


    The Food Service Industry is a service-orientedbusiness dealing with the public. Therefore, all students shall be in uniform at the start of eachday.  You are required by the Board of Health ofMontgomery County to maintain personal hygiene that will result in:


    1.         Male students may have a mustache; however, beards are notpermitted.   

                2.         Hair clean and neatly combed.  A hair restraint (chef hat) shall be worn atall

                            timeswhile in the shop area.  Students withlong hair shall have their hair

                            restrainedunder a chef hat.

                3.         Bathe daily, use deodorant, brush teethand/or mouthwash.

                4.         Uniforms shall be clean and presentableat all times.

                5.         Hands and nails clean; no fake nails. NO NAIL POLISH   

    6.         Student shall notwear jewelry, rings, or havefacial piercing(s). Students may wear a wristwatch.

    7.         Students may wearadditional clothing under their required uniform – however, the clothing maynot be seen or interfere with the regular uniform.  (ie: hooded sweatshirts may not be showing –shirts with print or emblems etc.)


                Failure to meetacceptable personal hygiene standards shall result in the student not beingpermitted to participate in the daily activities.  A reduction in the student’s daily grade and/ordiscipline action will be taken. Students could possibly fail for the quarter or year if they do notfollow sanitation, safety and uniform requirements


    Students agree to comply with all regulations containedwithin the Serv-Safe Food Safety Course




    Students are graded in the following categories:


    Attitude:         20%     Manners& Behavior – Uniform – Team Work

    Skill:                50%     Sanitation – Safety – Productivity – Mise en Place(organization)

    Knowledge:    30%     Test– Study Guides - Quiz – Homework



    Attendance is extremelyimportant to a successful school year. Excessive absents will have seriousconsequences towards your grade and may result in failure either for thequarter or year. It is very important to bring in a note immediately after anabsence.


    Homework, Tests, Study Guides, Current Events, DailyJournals


    1.                  Assignments are to be handed in on the day due.  Students are responsible for missed work.  Everyday an assignment is late 5 points willbe deducted.    


    Other Culinary ArtsInformation:


    School to Work Opportunities:


    Students that go to work under the cooperative education program is aprivilege and should not be expected. Students agree to follow the criteria set-forth in the student handbook,in addition to the following shop requirements:


    1.                  Students may not have more than 3 tardy’s.

    2.                  Students may not have more than 10 total absences.

    3.                  Students shall maintain an “A-B” average in culinary arts.


    “Right To Know”:


                    OSHA has issued a ruling thatwill help keep you safe and healthy.  Thelaw states that you have a

                    "Rightto Know" what hazards face you and how to protect yourself againstthem.  Chemicals have to be treated withrespect.  Many cause injury, illness, or canbe fatal if not handled properly.



    Chemicals that are used in the Culinary Arts area include but are notlimited to:

    Bleach – Oven Cleaner - Degreaser - Window Cleaner -Stainless Steel Cleaner &Polish - Spic & Span with bleach - Citrus Orange Cleaner - Ammonia - DishWashing soap for automatic dish washing machines - Sanitize Liquid for PotSinks - Hand Soap located at hand sinks and bathrooms.(This list may notrepresent all chemicals used in the culinary program).  Always use Caution!


    A Material Safety Data Sheet is on file for every chemical listed above(if utilized).  The Data Sheet lists the following:  Chemical Identity - Hazardous Ingredients - Physical & ChemicalCharacteristics & Hazards - Reactivity - Health Hazards - Precautions forsafe handling and use – Control measures and other valuable information.


    If you are not sure how to use a certain chemical, ASK your Instructor fordirections.

    Mixing and/or combining of chemicals, such as, Bleach & Ammonia,will cause a toxic reaction and can be fatal.


    Respect & obey all precautions & warnings with regards tochemical use – actions & reactions - know in advance what could go wrongand what to do about it - Report to the school nurse immediately for first aidif necessary.




    SchoolYear: _____2013/2014__________





    I hereby acknowledge that I have read,understand and agree to follow the shop and uniform requirements of theCulinary Arts Chef Soltes’ Class.


    I understand and agree that I will notoperate a piece of equipment unless fully trained. 


    I also understand and agree that dangerouschemicals are used in the program and that I will follow all safety precautions



    Students Signature:_________________________________ Date: ____________


    Parent or Guardian


    I have reviewed the requirements ofthe Culinary Arts Class with my son/daughter.   


    I also acknowledge that there aredangerous chemicals used in the shop and that my son/daughter will follow allsafety precautions. 


    I also acknowledge that myson/daughter will not operate any equipment unless they are fully trained andsigned the equipment safety pledge.




    Parents Signature:_________________________________  Date:_____________



    Email for:  Mr.Ken Kaufmann kkaufmann@westerncenter.org

    Contact:    (610)489-7272  Ext 106


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