•  NOVEMBER 2020

     Synchronous Learning 

    • Google Classroom
      1. Assignments and Zoom links will be posted in Google Classroom
    • ZOOM
        1. Students that are online will be expected to log into Zoom every day
        2. Zoom Links will be provided by Teacher daily and posted in Google Classroom
      1. Students will log in each day and follow their lesson via Zoom synchronously
      2. Hands-on Lessons
        1. Full time online students will follow along online during hands on activities and demonstrate proficiency when they return to WMCTC

    Method of instruction


        1. Students will be able to receive instruction through live zoom each day 
          1. Instructors will stream through their iPads and iPad tripods, document cameras, Zoom and iPad Microphones
        2. Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom
        3. All assignments should be turned in via Google Classroom or whichever learning platform the instructor designates 



      1. Students will be required to follow along via Zoom each day through synchronous learning 
      2. Students will be required to be online at 8:15 for the AM session and 11:30 for the PM session.
      3. Sessions will run for the entire duration of the session; 8:15 to 9:45/10:00/10:15 and 11:30 to 1:55/2:00/2:10
      4. To note their attendance, they must make their presence known in the Zoom chat or as designated by the instructor

    Assignment Due Dates

    1. Assignment due dates will be determined by the instructor
    2. Assignment due dates may be in line with regular due dates or may be given an extension depending on each student’s technological circumstances (this is at the discretion of the instructor)


    1. Students will be graded via the policies laid out in the Student Handbook
    2. All grading will apply including Theory (30%), Work Ethic (20%) and Skill Grades (50%) as instructors will modify how students show competency in task grid completion and/or designate a time for online students to come in and show competency in that skill. 


    1. Student cameras are expected to be on during the entirety of the lesson
    2. All students should put up a virtual background on zoom  



    1. Ms. Long will continue to rotate into your virtual classrooms at the same time to deliver the PE curriculum for the school year

     Instructional Assistants

    1. IA’s will continue to rotate into your classrooms 
    2. IA’s will bring students into breakout rooms in Zoom when offering one on one assistance

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